CT World School’s Open Mic Season 4: Inspiring Stories and Empowering Voices

Jalandhar, September 19, 2023:  CT World School recently hosted the fourth edition of its remarkable event, Open Mic Season 4. This day was dedicated to the art of storytelling and the power of inspirational narratives. The event was a vibrant convergence of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each with a unique story to tell – stories of life’s trials, tribulations, and triumphant journeys toward success. The speakers who graced the occasion were living testaments to the extraordinary strength of determination and the indomitable will to bring about positive change in society. Distinguished by the presence of the esteemed Guest of Honour, Dr. Sushma Chawla, Founder of Chawla Nursing Home and Maternity Hospital, Jalandhar, the event was an embodiment of grace and inspiration.

 The featured speakers of Open Mic Season 4 included:
1. Mr. Jatinder Soni: A selfless blood donor, driven by an unwavering commitment to serve society.
2. Ms. Ramanpreet Kaur: The visionary founder of the Green Sparrow Project, tirelessly dedicated to waste management and sustainability.
3. Mr. Jatinder Singh: The dynamic Managing Director of Endico Power Tools, who shared his inspiring story of persistence and how cycling transformed his life.
4. Ms. Meenu Sahi: The compassionate founder of Udaan Special School, making remarkable contributions to the lives of specially-abled children.
5. Dr. Ishman Saini: The pioneering force behind the Dr. Ishman Saini Dental Aesthetic and Cosmetic Centre, dedicated to realizing innovative dental care concepts.
6. Mr. Jagtar Singh: The visionary founder of Bee Treat, who shared his mission of bringing natural products to the market.
7. Dr. Surjeet Kaur: The dedicated head of PMG Hospital, who recounted her journey of resilience and unwavering care for critically ill newborns.
 8. Ms. Navjot Kaur: The enterprising Managing Director of F9 Media who shared her triumphant story of overcoming adversity. 9. Mr. Jatinder Pal Singh: The voice representing NGO Aakhri Umeed, emphasizing the profound importance of hope.
10. Mr. Gauravdeep : An initiator of change founder who spoke passionately about motivation and the essence of inspiration.

The event was attended by several distinguished individuals who are passionate about education and empowerment. These individuals included Parminder Kaur, Co-Chairperson of CT Group, Dr. Manbir Singh, Managing Director of CT Group, Tanika Channi, Core team member of CT Group, Davinder Singh, Deputy director , Department of Student Welfare , CT University, Dr. Arjan Singh, Dean of Student Welfare at CT Group, Amita Sharma, Principal of CT World School, and several other esteemed faculty members.

Dr. Manbir Singh, Managing Director of CT Group, commended the speakers for their incredible stories and acknowledged the profound impact of the event on the audience. He emphasized the pivotal role of such platforms in inspiring the younger generation and nurturing a culture of resilience and determination. 

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