Time to Primp up your #Kid !CT World School is going to organise a Virtual Baby Show “Spectacle de bébé” , an online platform for upcoming models !!!! Click on the below-mentioned link to register your ward.https://forms.gle/tMzX5CcbjrmDfqUZ6 +3

Jalandhar, December 30, 2020: Following the protest started yesterday dated December 29, 2020, the morning at CT Group of Institutions, Shahpur campus today got started with the staff members standing outside their locked offices as the protesters forcibly seized the entire campus. The more surprising thing is that these supporters of unknown political parties are […]

The best thing about a celebration is preparing stuff for decoration! Young minds of CT World School are all set to welcome Santa Clause in their own special ways! CT World School +5

National Mathematics Day is celebrated every year on December 22, honoring the birth anniversary of mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan. Before he died at the age of just 32 from tuberculosis, he had already given the world around 3500 mathematical formulae that scientists have still not been able to completely prove. The main objective behind celebrating […]

The welcoming festival is always amazing, Fun, laughter, and happiness are what it brings! Students of CT World School welcoming Diwali in their own special ways. From painting diyas to making torans, they have showcased their artistic skills in the best possible way. #diwalicelebration #festivals#ctworldschool #ctgroup #ctw +1

An artist knows the art to present,Love and hard work is what it presents ! To learn more about the concept of rocks and it’s kinds,tiny tots of CT World school performed an activity where in they not only presented their artwork but also were the happiest while sharing their pictures.  #pebbletym #painting #happyfaces #CTG #CTW […]

It’s your smile that makes us proud,It’s you, who makes us unique out of crowd! Words of love from a happy Parent ! Thank you so much! Stay happy ! 0

To commemorate the adoption of Constitution of India and to pay tribute to the Father of Constitution of India, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, students of CT World School celebrated Constitution Day or National Law Day in their own digital ways. Students showcased a glimpse of our fundamental rights via pla cards so as make everyone aware […]

Yellow is a star. Yellow is the sun. Yellow is the moon. When the day is done. Shades of yellow stimulating our tiny tots with happiness, energy andoptimism! 0