CT World School teacher files patent of Finger Straightener for Arthritis patients

Jalandhar, December 27, 2021: It’s a proud moment for the teacher of CT World School Neeraj Arora and Dr. Harmeet Singh, Deputy Director IPR Cell, CT University as they have filed a patent that helps the Arthritis patients to straighten their hand fingers during deformation.

The main idea behind this patent to is develop a device that can be customized according to the patient’s hand size and needs.  The prototype was developed in the Robotics Lab of CT University. The prototype is made from acrylic sheet and silicon clips that are used to keep the finger on the exact location.

Telling about the same, Neeraj and Dr Harmeet said, “We are working on many real-life problems. In the past we have filed numerous amounts of patents to solve real life problems. The idea of this was to aid these patients for their speedy recovery.  The next patents on which we are working are folding helmet and foot finger straighter for arthritis patients.”

CT Group Managing Director Manbir Singh and CT World School Principal Madhu Sharma congratulated both faculty members for this innovative idea and wished them luck for their future projects. 

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